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[Solved] How to Transfer Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy to Computer?

Flag as How do I tell if someone read my text messages on my Samsung Galaxy? How do I get notified if my texts were read on my Samsung Galaxy?

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Attach PDF to a text message

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It attaches the media just fine but freezes in the process. A : It sounds like a typical app crashing issue that can be fixed by clearing its cache and data especially if it started shortly after a firmware update. This is a really annoying issue and help would be much appreciated! A : Just update the Swype keyboard to the latest version and it should be fixed. This procedure is particularly effective to this kind of problem especially if the issue occurred out of the blue without apparent reason. My car Ford Fusion would make a notification sound that I had received a text and then give me the option for it to be read over the speaker. Since the update it no longer works. What you can do to try to fix this problem is to reset the phone. If the problem remains, then have someone re-install the previous firmware version. We are always open to your problems, questions and suggestions, so feel free to contact us by filling up this form.

But rest assured we read every message we receive. Marilee Simkins May 20, at am Since the update, my note 5 will not display the whole text if its too long from someone texting me. It shows a portion of the text and at the bottom says, click to view all or rest of text when I click it, its just a blank screen. In my sound settings the actual Notification Volume keeps getting set back to mute intermittently.

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Just view them and find the conversation you want to copy. Was this helpful? Once logged in, you can back up all your phone data to the Samsung Cloud. Replies: 1 Last Post: , PM. Without smart phone in hand, we will find we are unable to contact someone and tell somebody something immediately through the Internet.

I have reset the volume and rebooted my phone to no avail. Is there certain cache data i should clear or just attempt a master reset? I have had a hard time finding any information on this specific problem hence the post.

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This has only been an issue since the new Android 7. Any suggestions or guidance is accepted. Thanks in advance! Recently my phone has been vibrating when i get a text message while i am on a phone call. Since the update, my note 5 will not display the whole text if its too long from someone texting me. Texts are predicting both in English and Spanish perfectly again.

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Thank yOu guys. I used to be able to talk into the phone and the phone would type out what I said into a text message.

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Now, when I talk into the phone, an audio text message is sent. How can I talk and get typed text back?

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Is there a way to get that back? Second, when composing a text message, press and hold the gear icon and switch to microphone icon. To use the voice input function, tap the mic icon and being dictating your message. Solution : Enable mobile data on your device as it is required to be able to transmit MMS. Ask the rep to walk you through in setting it up. Problem : After I updated my phone to 6. The most effective solution to this issue is by clearing the cache and data of the Messages app.

Problem : I have not downloaded any new apps but just recently upgraded to marshmallow per a notification that I needed to.